Forest Conservation Efforts – 4 Small Ways You Can Help

Forest and Wildlife Conservation in Maui

Most of us grew up learning about the importance of caring for our environment and how the way we treat the earth will impact our future. So, you are probably aware of how forest conservation in particular is crucial to the health of the earth.

In case you need a reminder, forests are made up of the trees that provide us with the oxygen. This allows us to survive and help keep air and soil pollution in check. They’re imperative to many ecosystems and serve as the habitat for millions of species!

Fighting deforestation is something each and every one us should be doing, whenever we have the opportunity. Start your forest conservation efforts by being conscious of these little everyday choices you can make to help preserve our natural resources!

Small Forest Conservation Efforts

  1. Reduce paper use

    One of the primary reasons we cut down and harvest trees is for paper. The less you use, the fewer trees we need to sacrifice. Start with making an effort to limit how often you print—and at least go double-sided when you have to.

    Choosing digital options whenever you can will contribute more than you realize to the conservation movement. Most companies offer a paperless option for receiving bills, ads, coupons, and other communications. Some even offer an incentive for forgoing paper mailings altogether!

  2. Use recycled products

    Make the most out of the trees by recycling and reusing the products made out of them. Buying used wooden furniture instead of new can save the life of several trees.

    Look into buying items made from recycled paper, most of these products will identify themselves as such. Reduce landfill waste by opting for recycled goods like notebooks, and any other paper products you might need.

  3. Plant trees

    Whether you plant just one or fill an entire plot of land with trees, you’re making a lifelong investment that will benefit both you and future generations to follow. Help combat global warming by arming our planet with the tools it needs to regulate itself.

    For every tree you cut down, plant one or two more to replace it. Therefore, it’s important to give back to the environment in the same way it provides for us.

  4. Get involved in Forest Conservation.

    Join local organizations and national societies that support reforestation. Also educate others and spread awareness of preserving our limited natural resources. The more people aware of ways they positively contribute to the environment, the greater impact our efforts will have.

Whether you volunteer for projects yourself or donate money, we’ll accomplish more by working together. Check out some of the conservation projects we support and partner with here at ClimbingHi, like Jaguar & Forest Conservation in the Amazon and Native Tree Planting.

We also offer tree care and conservation services that can help you maintain an environmentally-friendly property with ease.

Contact us today to learn more about our passion for conservation and how we can help you join the reforestation movement in convenient and fulfilling ways!

Photo used under Creative Commons from Don Fulano