Aloha & Welcome to The Coconut Wireless, the blog and newsroom of ClimbingHi Maui!

Many of you know me as Cody Clark, your tree guy!
I’m also an ISA Certified Arborist, Maui resident, Nature lover, soul surfer, eternal traveler and passionate conservationist.

By now you are probably asking yourself… Why is this guy bugging me?

Well, I’m here to invite you to join us on the great journey we have embarked on.

Not only do we climb your trees everyday, but we also have a vision to help preserve and enrich the Earth.

We know that you also care about your environment, so let’s join forces and make a difference! ​
Want to know what I’m thinking?… watch this short video by my friend Vini @ShootsProductions

​This is why, together with my team, we’ll be bringing to you information, not only regarding TREES, but on a variety of topics that interest us, (and you) as human beings living in this time of awakening.

From Maui reforestation projects to climate change awareness, from recreational climbing courses to tracking jaguars in the Amazon, we’ll do our best to help spread the message.

Here’s some of what you can look forward to in future posts:

  • Updates on Maui’s “green” news: check Pi’iholo Eucalyptus Die-Off , soon a complete post on the matter.
  • We’ll address particular Tree related problems/solutions.
  • Upcoming Amazon eco-tourism adventures, want to join us? We’ll keep you posted.
  • Local and foreign conservation efforts.
  • Plant and Tree info: cool stuff like this! and no so cool Tree Alerts!
  • Climate change​.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures by friend and PH. Leonide Principe, who together with his wife Vanessa, run Tropical Tree Climbing, an eco-lodge and research station in the Brazilian Amazonia.

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Mahalo for visiting, reading and commenting.

We’re excited to have you here!
​Much Aloha?
Cody & ClimbingHi Team