Lot Clearing

ClimbingHI tree care provides lot clearing services for commercial and residential properties in Maui county. Clearing an area of land is typically done to make way for building a new house, make renovations, extend your garden or yard, make way to access certain sites and for many types of developments that ClimbingHI caters to. Our ISA-certified arborists will safely and thoroughly grind down stumps, uproot plants and remove trees and shrubs while avoiding any damage to your land and/or close buildings.


Contractors are responsible for complying with runoff and protected species regulations just as landowners are. While some tree service companies may not see the value in complying with these regulations, ClimbingHI makes this a priority for several reasons. It can result in a healthier soil structure, less erosion and lower permitting costs. Our highly trained team and wide selection of equipment including the newly purchased OMME 2750RXJ 90 ft. Spider Lift, give us an advantage other tree care companies can’t offer. You can count on ClimbingHI getting the lot clearing job done safely, sustainably and timely.

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