Organic Mulching

Mulching trees is very beneficial to all tree species. It’s a layer of organic material such as:

  • woodchips
  • leaves
  • moss
  • grass clippings applied to the top layer of soil.

Benefits of organic mulching:

  • Nutrients are released into the soil, as the organic mulch breaks down
  • Decreasing evaporation as mulch keeps the sun’s rays out
  • Helps retain water and keep moisture at the roots of trees
  • Weed seeds remain dormant and can’t germinate with minimum sunlight
  • Insulates plant roots protecting them from temperature fluctuations from the environment

ClimbingHI also offers chipping of your removed trees and dispersing the mulch on your property.

Mushroom Mulching

Working symbiotically with nature, we offer mushroom mulching for preventative tree and plant health care.
Mushrooms called mycorrhizal fungi live in the soil and attach themselves to the roots of plants and trees forming a symbiotic relationship where both organisms benefit from the exchange of nutrients. The fungi create an extension onto the roots of the trees allowing them to access an abundance of nutrients and water.
We can bring this eco-conscious phenomenon straight to your property!

In this process, we mix beneficial mushroom spawn of various species with onsite mulch, then disperse the mixture into a doughnut around the tree trunk base to:

  • Promote longevity
  • Increase water absorption
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Enhance immunity
  • Help fight pests and diseases


Call us now to try our Mushroom Mulching!