Our latest Amazon adventure, an effort to preserve the Rainforest.

Last time we spoke we were preparing for our next trip to Manaus to continue the work we have laid out over the last few years. For those of you joining us now, we are talking about Amazon Jaguar Vision, a conservation project in the Brazilian Amazon.

You can read more in our previous blog post here.
​This time we went down to Brazil for 2 weeks, with a couple of collaborators, a tree climber and a video photographer, to do some field work and document our progress.

The plan to create a protected wildlife corridor deep in the forest, has been gaining steam with each step that is implemented.

The fact that Jaguar Vision, is designed around monitoring and cataloguing as many forest locals as possible, most notably the jaguar, means that we really must produce results. And indeed we are!

Over the last 7 months since ClimbingHI first donated 8 high-end motion sensor trail cameras, the project is now up to 30+ cameras throughout nearly 700 acres of pristine jungle.

​During this time we have captured photos of jaguars, coatis, ocelots, anteaters, agoutis, monkeys and a plethora of other critters. With these findings, we are confident that the ecosystem of the area is healthy enough to support the population.

While there, we also helped open a trail system that creates a literal grid through the valley. Within this grid, more cameras can be setup to monitor the presence of the forest inhabitants.

Sadly, as most of you know, deforestation is widespread through the area as well as all of the Amazon.

Our ultimate goal is to protect these lands forever and continue to add adjacent lands to create a Federally Protected Corridor.

​Unfortunately, the governments of these Amazon countries have incentivized “economic growth” through the destruction of one of Earth’s most precious resources.

​Not far from our area Coca-Cola has a massive farm of around 10,000 acres and a total of around 145,000 acres throughout the entire Amazon, areas to grow sugar cane for the caramel of their “wonderful” drink.

​Since we are now aware of the presence of these endangered animals on the land the next step is to collect more data on their habits and ranges.

​To do this, we will need to work closely with our partners of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to sedate and install GPS collars on several individual jaguars.

​Once this can happen, we will be able to provide much needed information to the global scientific community, thus validating our project’s mission.

​At this time Tropical Tree Climbing (TTC) has been able to reach-out to similar groups such as The Jaguar Alliance in Mexico, who will send volunteers and researchers to collaborate.

We have also begun the process of creating an NGO to receive donations, especially from large international corporate partners (which can benefit from tax deductions).

​Please contact us for more information.

This funding will enable us to buy more cameras, solar panels and the needed infrastructure to push our objectives forward.

When the land is properly outfitted to achieve the final goal, we will expand into neighboring lands, thus expanding the overall project.

We invite all walks of life to come experience, help and learn how to take part in creating something that will be a sustainable model for the world to replicate.

We truly hope that ​inspiring others to reverse the current path our collective humanity is on, can be one of the deepest and most gratifying experiences you can share with the world.

​An adventure like this is open for young and old, and only with your help can we ensure that our children and grandchildren will have the same beauty that we have been blessed to live within.

So, pack your bags and let’s get climbing …for the Love of TREES!!!

​ClimbingHI is donating a percentage of it’s revenues to support “Amazon Jaguar Vision”.

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