Spikeless Palm Trimming

ClimbingHI offers Spikeless Palm Tree Trimming. We will not hurt your palm tree by spiking it and poking holes in their trunks, thus making the tree weaker and more prone to disease. Instead we use spikeless methods to access the palm tree crown palm trees for trimming. For this we may use special certified platforms that have been specifically modified and adapted specifically for this purpose. These platforms are inspected daily, as well as all our tree care and climbing gear, to ensure our and your safety.

When needed we also use our latest cutting edge OMME 90 feet reach spider lift, making sure we can safely access the crown, no matter how high or leaning the palm tree is, and avoiding any damage to the surroundings. Our palm tree trimming and pruning service is the removal of dead and broken fronds, flowers, nuts, burlap making your palm tree look beautiful and safe again.

So put the lime in the coconut and call us!