Best arborists in Maui

Cody and his crew have taken care of the 40 acre Haiku House estate for five years. We have used Cody for emergency clean up, monthly trimming, coco clean up, and he’s mapped over 600 trees on our property. We wouldn’t trust our property to anyone but the best. Climbing Hi was the best 5 years ago and now they are simply light years ahead of the competition.

Mark McKillip

I can’t recommend him enough!

“I just moved to Maui recently. In front of my house was a beautiful tree that was in much need of trimming. Searching on the yelp website I found climbing high. Cody came out and looked at the tree, give me a bid for the work and came with a crew who did an outstanding job. Completely clean the area and now I have a beautiful tree in my front yard. Cody’s price was very reasonable and I was happy to pay him. If you’re looking for a tree trimming crew then call Cody and he is the one who will do the best job. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Chris Levine

Your crew is so fantastic

Thank you so much for fitting us into your schedule. As always, it was a pleasure watching you work from the safety of the ground. Your crew is so fantastic, I don’t know how you find such great enthusiastic people!”

Mary Lock

They did an EXCELLENT job

Approximately six months ago we contacted Climbing High Maui to trim our overgrown Breadfruit tree. It was swaying in the wing and dropping large ripe breadfruit every day. It was very messy and not growing correctly.
The tree was trimmed with a horizontal growth pattern in mind and the three large branches were roped together to make it safe from my home in the wind. Mulch was added for nutrients.
I am very satisfied with this work and the tree has been dropping nice green breadfruit and it is growing out instead on up!
They did an EXCELLENT job and I will contact Climbing High Maui every year for a trim!

Jim Ketter

Thanks to you and your crew for a great job.

I made a little collage for you…Thanks to you and your crew for a great job. We appreciate your quick response time, your professionalism, your awesome skills and sticking to your estimate.

​Jerry and Cynthia

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