The Dangers of Self Tree Removal

Dangers of self tree removal

When it comes to tree removal of unruly or damaged trees on your property, probably your first instinct is to take care of it yourself. You might be thinking you’ll save some money and brush up on your handyman skills with no hassle. After all, tree removal is a fairly simple process, right?

Climb a ladder, cut off branches, saw down the trunk, drag to the garbage, sounds pretty straightforward in theory. However in practice, tree removal is far more intricate and dangerous than you might think. That’s why it is always recommended that you invest in an experienced and reputable company for your tree care needs!

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of the major risks of attempting DIY tree removal.

Risks of Self Tree Removal

If you’re pruning or removing some of the trees on your property, there’s a good chance it’s because they’re starting to rot. While it’s a good call to address the problem of corroded trees, doing it on your own is very risky.

Decaying wood is very unstable and unpredictable.
A tree could collapse suddenly as you’re working on it, and loose limbs pose even more of a safety risk. If you’re inexperienced and unfamiliar with tree biology, then there’s a very good chance you could end up injuring yourself or somebody else.

It’s easy to miscalculate the important factors of tree removal.
A trained professional will be able to accurately predict where and when a tree will fall, based on education and experience. Unless you’re a certified arborist, you’re likely to make a mistake when it comes to calculating important factors like height and angles when it comes to tree removal.

If a tree falls sooner than you anticipated, you might end up injuring yourself or someone else on the ground. Similarly, if you miscalculate the height of a branch or the angle at which a tree will collapse, then it might end up on top of your neighbor’s car instead of your cleared-out front lawn.

You’re not used to working against your center of gravity.
Many trees have branches that will require you to move and bend at a height you’re not used to or have not properly anticipated. You’ll be vulnerable to losing your balancing and facing a long fall. One small mistake while trimming or removing trees yourself, can have huge costs in property damage, or significant injuries to you and those around you.

Mishandling equipment can be detrimental when working with trees.
The risk of injury when you take on the timber yourself is increased tenfold when you don’t know the right equipment to use or the proper way to use it. Tree maintenance requires the use of some dangerous tools as chainsaws, and wood-chippers to name a couple. In an untrained hand, these instruments can have devastating effects.

Working with trees usually means working around power-lines as well.
If you’re too focused on figuring out the equipment, you could potentially electrocute yourself, start a fire, or wipe out the power for your home or neighborhood. Plus, if you’re going to spend money on decent tools and the right protective gear, just invest in someone who already has those things and is skilled at using them.

Be smart about tree removal!
Thinking about all of the potential safety hazards and everything that can go wrong during the tree removal process is scary! You don’t want to end up with a huge bill from damaged property, or a life-changing injury for you or someone else just to save a couple bucks.

A professional certified arborist will be prepared for the dangerous possibilities of tree removal that you cannot always predict. Hiring a skilled, qualified, and experienced company is essential to safe tree maintenance and clearing.

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