Tree Risk Assessment

Do you suspect that one of the trees on your residential or commercial property could come crashing down at any time? Or maybe it’s roots are lifting your pavement? Rather than simply standing by and allowing it to happen, let the tree care professionals at ClimbingHI perform a tree risk assessment to see what kind of condition your trees are in. During a hazard tree assessment, we’ll take a long look at any problematic trees on your property to see if they would be able to stand up to high winds, hurricanes and more. We’ll offer you our professional opinion following your hazardous tree assessment and tell you whether you should seriously consider taking a tree down.

At ClimbingHI, we always do our best to avoid removing trees unless it’s absolutely necessary. You can rest assured knowing we won’t recommend tree removal if your tree is salvageable.
Nevertheless, we also understand that home and business owners can’t afford to take risks when it comes to safety. It’s why we strive to perform a comprehensive tree risk assessment for our customers before letting them know if we think a tree needs to come down. If we find that a tree is diseased or even dead and posing a threat to your property during a hazardous tree assessment, we can tell you which steps we think you should take next to maintain the safety of your property.

ClimbingHI is a tree care service owned by certified arborist Cody Clark. This gives us a decided advantage over other tree cutting services that don’t always know what to look for during a tree risk assessment. We know which trees will be strong enough to stand up to heavy winds and hurricanes and which won’t. Once we’ve done a tree risk assessment conducted, we’ll help you figure out if you should think about tree removal, tree trimming or trunk injection.

Reach us today to arrange a FREE TREE RISK ASSESSMENT be done on your property.