Trunk Injections

There are a variety of pests and diseases that can do irreparable damage to the trees that you have on your residential or commercial property. Nutrient deficiencies can also take a toll on your trees if you’re not careful. If you would like to avoid having to deal with these things, ClimbingHI can show you how to make tree pest control more of a priority. Specifically, we offer Arborjet® Trunk Injections, an environmentally responsible tree care product that’s designed to protect your trees from pests, diseases, and even nutrient deficiencies when used properly.

Do you want to make sure that pests and diseases aren’t able to influence the trees outside of your home or business? Notably, we will show you how easy it is to use Arborjet® Trunk Injections as a viable alternative to traditional tree pest control. We prefer to use Arborjet® Trunk Injections because they:

  • Can be injected directly into trees so that they can be distributed quickly throughout them
  • Work better than other tree pest control options according to university trials
  • Stay sealed inside of a tree once they’re injected, which makes them an environmentally responsible tree care product
  • Provide protection for a tree for a long time

If you choose not to perform any tree pest control on the trees on your property, you might find that pests and diseases will do a number on them. Our owner Cody Clark is a certified arborist and believes in the power of this product. It can keep your trees safe for many years to come.

Trees add tremendous value to your home. Protect your assets.




ClimbingHI is the only company on Maui investing in alternative methods to help save the blue gum eucalyptus from total collapse. We are doing this for several reasons:

  1. People love their trees and landscapes and we want to offer them the chance to preserve that.
  2. Prolonging the death of many of these trees can give the owners the ability to choose when they are ready to remove the tree. Because many of these trees will be very costly to remove, buying time with trunk injections can reduce much unnecessary stress from your financial life.


In early May 2018, Arborjet® specialists came back to Maui to asses the results, if any, of this injection trial at an Upcountry zipline location. We are happy to announce that, as suspected, the injected trees are growing new leaves and have minimal signs of insect damage!
Since our first injections 7 months ago we are now seeing positive results after utilizing several different insecticide mixes. With the onset of spring the new growth has been quite vigorous on the trees and with systemic injections those new leaves are sticking around. With annual injections we should be able to keep the selected trees around for many years to come.
Unfortunately, for the neighboring trees with no such treatment the damage is quite obvious to the eye, as you can appreciate in the picture below. It is very evident that the pests will not stop until they have exhausted their food supply.


Since October 2017, in collaboration with a PhD entomologist from Arborjet® and company representatives we have been running trial injections on certain ziplines in Upcountry Maui. Trees that are heavily infected with leaf-eating and boring insects responsible for the eucalyptus damages have been injected with different systemic insecticides and monitored over months.
After several months of waiting and watching we have now begun to see the positive results of high mortality rates within the insect populations. Once the insecticide reaches throughout the leaves of the trees all insects that are feeding on the trees will become poisoned and cease to continue the destruction. The importance of this pause in foliage digestion will allow for new growth to begin to bud without immediately being destroyed. As the trees remain with the effective treatments inside they will become completely undesirable to the insects. Thus saving the tree from imminent death.

We offer this service to all parties interested in preserving their eucalyptus trees.
IT IS RECOMMENDED deploying this tactic ASAP, as each additional day of insect damage causes great stress towards tree mortality!
Arborjet® is used by the USDA Forest Service and ​is the leading product in University Studies